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Me before I was completely grey Me - complete with grey hair - in Portugal Summer 2006
(These are pix of me:
The first trying to look serious some time ago looking as though I might be working.... I've used this photo because it doesn't show too many grey hairs!!!
The second is a more relaxed me in Portugal in Summer 2006)

Now retired (I think!), I used to be a partner in a Financial Advice firm until July 2006. Whilst working in that business, as a result of my interest in computing and the internet, I developed a new online mortgage business, called UkMortgagesOnline.com, which started in October 2000. This business grew to be one of the largest of it's kind in the UK, attracting as many as three to four hundred thousand visitors a month. The business was sold in October 2005 to a financial services consortium, who developed the idea and launched the "spin-off" business, Mform, in November 2006, going into administration in February 2009 (Just shows that throwing loads of money at a business, doesn't always produce success!.
Following the sale of that online business, I returned once again to flying (just as a hobby this time) acquiring an interest in a Piper PA39 Twin Comanche, which, until I sold my share in Late 2010, I flew regularly, often with my family. In 2012, after really missing having my own aircraft, I bought a Piper PA28-180C Cherokee (a single engined, four seater, which I hope my wife will fly as well). so this has become my new toy..
I am still interested in Formula One motor racing, although that interest has waned somewhat over recent seasons, mainly due to the apparent politics involved in that sport.

I live with my family about 15 miles south east of London, in a town called Biggin Hill. I am married to Christina, and we have two young daughters (Francesca, aged 17 in May 2011 and Nicole, who was 14 in May 2011. I also have an older daughter from a previous marriage (Joanna, who is 33 and divorced, and is working as an Air Traffic Control Officer at the the exceptionally busy Biggin Hill civilian airport on the South East edge of London. Joanna has a Private Pilots Licence on both aeroplanes and helicopters, as well as Tower and Approach ratings on her Air Traffic Controllers Licence!
Slow down - you've already got more licences than me!)

Before becoming a financial adviser, I worked in Aviation, initially in Air Traffic Control, then as a Civilian Flying Instructor, before moving into Aviation Management, where I started and ran a number of small Air Charter Companies.

Having finally got fed up with being woken up every night by pilots, engineers, and Ops controllers, with aircraft and weather problems, I left aviation, workwise, in 1986. I still keep my Private Pilots Licence current, and fly both small single and twin engined fixed wing aircraft, although I have now allowed my helicopter licence to lapse.

Enstrom Helicopter Picture

Me flying an Enstrom F28 Helicopter

(With my (then very young) daughter Joanna and a friend)

Well worth visiting!

I spend a great deal of time on the Computer, both for my work, and as a hobby. Although I can often get them to do what I want (and so to others often appear to be a computer whiz), I actually don't know a lot about them at all - just the basics really.

I had (until March 2012) a 1974 MGB Roadster classic sports car - chrome bumper type, of course, and in British Racing Green in keeping with the era
Due largely to changed circumstances, the MG was initially placed in storage, but subsequently sold in March 2012. (See here for pictures and stuff)

A picture of the car!

My MGB (unfortunately the aeroplane, an F86 Sabre, is not mine!)

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My Pet Hates

Newspapers - So many of them print such rubbish most of the time! - anything I have ever been involved in which has been reported in the press has always been journalistically embellished so much as to create something so far from the truth as to make it ridiculous. Unfortunately, the poor unsuspecting reader has no idea how inaccurate the stories are so they go around believing most of the rubbish.

I do not buy newspapers at all, and haven't done so for more than 20 years. If I want to read rubbish, I feel I can always buy a comic, which has just about as much useful information in them as most UK newspapers. (If more people were to stop buying newspapers, instead of complaining that they are always invading people's privacy, then maybe the press would grow up and start reporting facts in a civilised manner rather as they used to do in the distant past).


I am also less than a fan of "Consumer Reports" like "Which" and the BBC's "Watchdog" programme. The basic idea behind them is excellent, but they do tend to go over the top somewhat with many subjects. I think it is reasonable to assume that any law abiding citizen wants to see the unscrupulous sales methods and unethical non-transparent products eliminated from our society, but I am not sure this sometimes heavy handed, and often plainly biased, method is the only way of achieving that.

It is, in my opinion, a pity that the consumer lobby in the UK seems to be gathering such momentum. Whilst consumer protection is obviously one of the most important elements in any civilised society, I do believe that the individual should be prepared to take some responsibility for their own actions, and not always expect someone else to bail them out if they subsequently realise the decision they made was not the right one!

One day these matters will, I am sure, find a happy medium. Until that point, however, I can't help feeling that the consumer will find that their choice will become dramatically reduced - "to protect the unwary, or the unthinking, from being able to make the wrong decision."

If you have got any comments on anything on this series of pages, or you have any common interests that we can talk about, please get in touch.

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